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Her mission is to create nutrition-based personalized therapeutic plans that are designed to help you achieve optimal health. When it comes to your health, why should you settle for less than your best? 


Dr. Miller is committed to fostering patient-centered partnerships. She'll work with you to achieve your goals because it's your health. Her goal is to create a health roadmap that works for you while giving you the support you need to be your healthiest.

Karen F. Miller, MD

IFMCP Functional Medicine Doctor 

Dr. Karen F. Miller is a traditionally trained Obgyn physician who has completed a three-year program to be certified in Functional Medicine with the Institute for Functional Medicine. Her practice focuses on balancing hormones in both women and men, detoxification, helping with autoimmune diseases, addressing the root causes of chronic fatigue, safe weight loss, metabolic disorders including pre-diabetes and high cholesterol, and managing adrenal dysfunction due to stress.


Kirsty Elwell, PA-c

Physician's Assistant

Kirsty Elwell worked in the traditional medical world until she became sick and tired of being sick and tired. She had been working alongside excellent primary care and emergency room physicians but found that she couldn't get answers to her own health issues. She is thankful to have found Functional Medicine and has been improving her own health using Functional Medicine principles. 

She decided to pursue her own certification in Functional Medicine so that she could help people like herself to find better health by finding the root causes of illness and applying both nutrition and lifestyle changes to affect change.


Kirsty works in collaboration with Dr. Miller to provider her patients with the best Functional Medicine care while she works on finishing her certification with IFM. We are excited to have her here to benefit our health community with her unique perspective and experience.


Brenda Borton, NP

APRN Geriatrics and Functional Medicine

Brenda Borton, NP is a former Oncology nurse who is now trained in Geriatrics medicine and Functional medicine and has joined our team to offer her expertise in Blairsville, GA. She provides patient-centered compassionate care and brings years of experience to inform her health partnerships with her patients.


Meet Our Staff

Brenda is working toward her certification with the Institute for Functional Medicine and works under the supervision of Dr. Miller.

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